Hello There!
Welcome to the new website:
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some more cool stuff.


First, and most importantly: I am now offering ONE on ONE Lessons-I have taught for almost twenty years, and now with the increased Internet speeds available it’s possible to successfully communicate with students all over the world ..
I teach students of ALL Levels.
My only requirement is that you are excited to improve on the instrument and want to study!

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR NEW STUDENTS STARTING IN MAY 2016: i’m offering a TRIAL LESSON for JUST  $60.00  …and I have blocks of lessons in different lengths to suit your time and budget requirements.
Some of the topics I cover:
*Mastering knowledge of the Fingerboard.
*Learning to effectively use scales and modes in practical settings.
*Creating effective basslines.
*Walking bass and improvising over jazz standards-starting with analysis of the blues and basic chord substitution.
*Technique-right and left hand.
*Learning to Read Music.

SO.. If you want SKYPE lessons in bass guitar then:
email me at: reggibass@gmail.com for info.

You can also contact me there for Info on one on one Private Instruction if you are in the Los Angeles area.
And for information on purchasing video instructional downloads – or mp3 downloads -of Cds etc, please check out the “Music” and “Videos” sections..

I also was just featured in NoTreble Online Bass guitar Magazine-Kevin Johnson did a great interview-here it is: Latest No Treble Interview


I ALWAYS encourage all my students to practice! It’s something I try to do every day-even now, after a lot of years of playing..So I decided to post some of the videos I have been sharing over the last year or so on Facebook..On this page I just added two new ones: An intermediate level Instructional Mini Lesson regarding Major Scale and Modes, and ow to learn them on the fingerboard effectively which I shot at Xotic… and a late night practice session – pretty seriously uptempo standard “There is no greater love” and also “Rhythm Changes”..
Check them out:
You can scroll through all ten segments using the menu at the top left hand corner of the FIRST video here:

Segments 4,7,9 & 10 are mini lesson ideas for you to check out…


I teach quite a large amount of students via Skype, and we cover improvising over jazz standards if the students want to learn about playing over chord changes…Here’s a late night impromptu solo over “There is No Greater Love..” Check it out!

And in the Instructional Videos Section, there’s some free video tips, plus a chance to order my 50 minute Instructional Video download too.
And don’t forget to get in touch if you want to study one on one.


Here’s TRIO B.A.D. – fairly new trio I put together, with Steve Hass on drums and Matt Rohde on keys..This is some nice examples of ensemble bass stuff..Groove based electric jazz…with killer playing from Steve n Matt..It’s a good taster of different approaches to playing bass in a trio jazz/groove setting…

Here’s my arrangement of A Night in Tunisia-a fun mix of Drum n Bass and uptempo swing…Check out Steve Hass’s great Intro groove…

G-K Promotional Video and Interview. I shot this in Burbank,CA for the GK website a year or two ago…Cam out nicely-totally unscripted, just my thoughts on playing their stuff and growing up in the UK as a young up and coming bassist..

Annnd..Here’s a little Thumb & Palm Mute Tutorial I shot a while back…I talk a little about how varying your touch & attack gives you very different tonal variations using this approach.

Here’s another classic set of chord changes-taken from George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”
Rhythm Changes:

And-I’m posting a bunch of mini lesson ideas on FB at the moment…Here’s a little whole step dominant idea (Starting on F7 moving in whole steps to the four chord…it’s a 16 bar blues in F….!