Hello There!
Welcome to the new website:
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some cool stuff.

SKYPE lessons in bass guitar now available.
email me at:
reggibass@gmail.com for info.

You can also contact me there for Info on one on one Private Instruction if you are in the Los Angeles area.
And for information on purchasing video instructional downloads – or mp3 downloads -of cds etc, please check out the “Music” and “Videos” sections..

Check out my new trio with Steve Hass on drums and Matt Rohde on keys. here’s my arrangement of A Night in Tunisia!

Here’s a solo over a G minor jazz blues, using some of the concepts I teach-phrasing, harmony, use of melodic minor, triadic development etc..

And here’s a promotional video i shot for G-K last summer..

Annnd..Here’s a little Thumb & Palm Mute Tutorial I shot a while back…

And-I’m posting a bunch of mini lesson ideas on FB at the moment…Here’s a little whole step dominant idea (Starting on F7 moving in whole steps to the four chord…it’s a 16 bar blues in F….!